Personalized Service

There’s nothing quite like personalized computer repair service at your fingertips. Patient Computer Help is by your side on a priority basis.

Data Recovery

When your computer crashes, generally there are two immediate concerns: How soon can you make it work again? And, are all those pictures and documents you’ve got stored recoverable?

Live Remote Assistance

In most cases, we can take over your computer from our office to show you how to do something or to fix whatever’s not working right.

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Bruce Corson, Owner

Computer Repair and Consulting in Chagrin Falls and Cleveland, Ohio

Welcome to Patient Computer Help for Grown Ups!  We specialize in providing expert technical consulting for retired professionals and other consumers at home, as well as concierge servicemalware removaldata recovery, and remote support. We are now a member of the Apple Consultants Network.

We can help you choose your preferred computing technology (Windows or Mac), set up your home office, and train you in proper use of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) and related software, among other things. We are also available to provide on-going computer support. This is especially valuable if you have always had an assistant do all these things for you.

Owner and CEO Bruce Corson has spent over three decades as a sometimes frustrated IT user. That is, he’s one of you. He was not an IT professional, but a senior-level business development manager and director. His computer was a valuable part of the arsenal he used to do his job, and now he loves helping others keep their technology running smoothly.

Director of New Technology Karen Poccia joined the company in 2018 from a benefits analyst and consulting background. Similar to Bruce, her experience as a heavy computer user in the workforce led to a passion and toolset geared toward demystifying technology for the average user. Bruce and Karen aim to help you understand and tame your devices – without the techno-babble.

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